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At On Set Tech we offer a range of on set creative and technical tasks to allow you to get the most out of your digital workflows from 4K Raw to Go Pro. We can handle any workflow offering bespoke and custom solutions for your production.


The role of the Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) is constantly evolving and with this the possibilites of what can be achieved on set are increasing at an exponential scale. There are now more camera's, codecs, software and possibilities then ever before and we strive to make sure our technicians understand every step of the process from ingestion through to delivery.  We can offer everything from equipment hire and data wrangling to Live Grade and full delivery of digital dailies.


We believe the Digital Imaging Technician is more than just a member of the camera department. Much of the tasks handled on set now would not be out of place in a post production environment, therefore we work our technicians act as a bridge between what's happening on set and what's happening in post to make sure a seamless workflow is achieved.


Colour management is something we work very hard to maintain. Colour is something that can really affect the emotive response of the audience. We believe colour accurate dailies and the growing role of the Digital Dailies Colourist (DDC) can have a massive impact early on in the production process. 3D lut/look management, graded dailies and Live grade are all tools that can be used to help establish the creative vision of the Director of Photography. Graded dailies not only keep excecutives happy they also enhance the mood and tone for your editor, enhancing their cutting experience.


Live grade can be used on set in a very creative way, think of it as an extension of lighting. Tonal ranges and colours can be tweaked on the go in a non destructive way, allowing the DOP to view and control every aspect of the image.


We are a small, passionate team dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved on set. We aim to enhance the creative visions of todays digital shooting environment.